Missoula County Elections Office short nearly 350 election judges

Democracy.pngDespite a promising initial response to the County’s appeal earlier this month for 800 volunteers to serve as election judges, the Missoula County Elections Office is still coming up short by nearly 350 people.

The number of election judges is directly tied to the quality of customer service the Elections Office can provide voters over the 2018 election year. A lack of elections judges can equate to any number of deficiencies in delivering services to voters including longer lines, understaffed polling places (which could lead to consolidating polling places), fewer judges to register new voters and overworked judges.

Election judges can serve in a variety of capacities at the polls and at the Elections Center at the Fairgrounds and is a paid public service position. Training is required and individuals are compensated for their time.

Anyone who is registered to vote in Missoula County and is enthusiastic about the voting process is encouraged to apply. The Elections Office provides a new online class schedule and registration at www.MissoulaElectionJudge.com. Those interested can also call 406-258-4751 or email electioninfo@missoulacounty.us  with their name and contact information. Training is held in February at the Missoula County Fairgrounds and there are a variety of daytime, evening, and weekend classes.

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