Road issues and road tracking map


Road tracking map.png

The Missoula County Public Works department is currently aware of 11 road issues and is actively working to address these situations. As Public Works and the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management manage reports, all calls and known issues are being tracked using an online mapping tool. The public is encouraged to use this tool to check road conditions and report otherwise unknown issues to the Public Works department.

  1. Butler Creek Road:  1.2 miles north of LaValle Creek Road
  2. Six Mile Road: 0.25 mile north of Frenchtown Frontage Road
  3. Big Flat Road
  4. Deep Creek Road
  5. Deep Creek Bridge
  6. Condon Loop Road
  7. Remount Road
  8. Nine Mile Road
  9. West Nine Mile Bridge
  10. Southside Road
  11. Bible Lane

Most of these issues are the result of spring flooding and the melting of adjacent snowpack. Several areas are currently experiencing standing water on roadways and alternate routes are available. No roads are currently closed entirely, although they are being monitored daily as conditions may change. While we are seeing some slope failures and erosion, roads are currently stable.

More information regarding each of these reports can be found on the online map. Please note, this is a dynamic tool that County staff use to facilitate and manage known issues. Information is updated as we receive it.

The map identifies reported issues. When clicking on a location, the map will display the County staff member who investigated the issue, his/her contact information, cause of damage, when the damage was first reported, the location, any photos of the damage, a description, if this incident is a threat to public safety, an estimated timeline of pending repairs, current action being taken, and an initial cost estimate of the damage.

Missoula County agencies, including Public Works, the Office of Emergency Management, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office and the Commissioners’ Office will be updating the public if conditions change. Should emergent situations arise, we will use all possible communications channels to update those affected, including Smart 911 alerts, social media postings and notifications on our website. We are encouraging the public to create a free Smart 911 account to ensure residents are receiving emergency notifications.

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